Forster Pharmaceutical Clean Room

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Processing Room

Dongying Forster  Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dongchen Group. It is a group company that produces special products for nationalities. It has built a domestic leading level of hyaluronic acid series product production equipment. Health and safety/energy management system four-in-one system certification, HACCP certification, halal certification and Kosher certification. The hyaluronic acid products produced by the company have successfully passed the official certification of international halal food, marking that the product can believe in Islam in any country at home and abroad .The company’s ethnic-specific product hyaluronic acid sells well in more than 30 countries and regions all over the country and overseas.
In 2015, the company focused on the production of hyaluronic acid, relying on existing production equipment, and based on the establishment of the second largest hyaluronic acid production base in China, with a total investment of 1.2 billion RMB to build a biomedical industrial park. The first is to carry out technical upgrades and expansions to increase production of the existing hyaluronic acid project, while realizing serialized production of hyaluronic acid. The second is to develop related derivative products and build 6000 tons/year glutamine, D-ribose, L-theanine, L-citrulline and other projects. After the Biopharmaceutical Industrial Park is completed, it can achieve an annual output value of 3 billion RMB. TEKMAX contracted all the purification workshops in 2016. The purification level is C and D. The project was delivered on time and won praise from customers.