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With a history of 17 years, Dalian Tekmax has become one of the fastest growing and most technical innovative cleanroom EPC companies in China. Since its foundation, the company has dedicated to deliver top-class turnkey project services for pharmaceutical, food & beverage and electronic industry. We offer everything you need from engineering consultation to the project conclusion, with pinpoint accuracy.

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    Founded in 2005
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    17 years experience
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    More than 600 people
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Project Showcase


  • Pharmaceutical

  • Food & Beverage


Core Advantages

  • Clean room panel installation manipulator

    Clean room panel installation manipulator

    Core patented technology developed completely by Tekmax its own. Safe in application, save labor cost and 3 times more efficient than traditional manual operation.

  • BIM 3D modeling

    BIM 3D modeling

    Based on the relevant information data of the construction engineering, we use BIM to visualize the design and virtual construction methodologies, including tying in the cost, schedule, and controlling systems to ensure best-in-class and safe project delivery.

  • Automatic control system

    Automatic control system

    Also known as BMS, we are well versed in providing BMS to automatically control the temperature, humidity and pressure cascade. This is widely used in pharmaceutical and food & beverage projects with satisfactory results.

  • Process project management system

    Process project management system

    As one of the few engineering companies to establish SOP for process, the company has a thorough project management system to strictly control the whole process and each part of the construction.


Service First

  • Creating a safer environment with advanced air handling systems

    Product description: In the clean rooms of microelectronics and pharmaceutical production, various acidic, alkaline substances, organic solvents, general gases, and special gases are often used or produced during the production process; in allergenic drugs, certain steroidal organic drugs, high ...

  • TekMax Shines at Pharmedi 2023 in Ho Chi Minh City

    Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – 15.09.2023 The 2023 Pharmedi Exhibition held in the vibrant city of Ho Chi Minh has proven to be an extraordinary success for TekMax, the leading cleanroom engineering company in China. Amidst the bustling event, our company has captured the attention of industry exper...